Corey Chonsky

Director of Commercial Real Estate

Corey is originally from Minot, ND, where he enlisted in the Navy in 1998. After completing his initial enlisted service, He was selected for a Navy commissioning program through the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While in Madison, he earned his Bachelor of Science Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Naval Science.

In 2015, Corey was stationed in Norfolk, VA, where he began his real estate investing career. He began his investing much like other investors by purchasing and rehabbing distressed single-family properties.

While building his real estate portfolio, he managed to double his portfolio every year even while continuously focusing on his primary duties as a Naval Officer, which included several deployment workup cycles and being deployed the majority of 2016 and 2018. He has built a personal portfolio of 53 units worth over $5 million.

As Corey winds down his Naval career, he is positioning himself to fully transition into real estate investing and apartment syndication. He is the lead managing member of a small apartment syndication in the Ocean View area made up of 23 units across 6 properties worth $1.55 million. As he moves on from a truly rewarding career in the US Navy, he looks forward to fully committing himself to a life in real estate which will only be second to his family.

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