Single-Family versus Multifamily Investing- What to Choose and Why?

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single family versus multifamily

Real estate always makes for good investments; period. However, there are certain factors to consider, that may give you better returns from investing in a single-family home rather than a multifamily home; the vice versa also holds true. To resolve the dilemma between single-family versus multifamily investing, we must carefully examine both types of investment prospects first.

Single-family rentals

What are Single-family rentals?

Single-family rentals consist of only one residential unit. Hence, there is only one entity liable likely to rent your asset. This entity may comprise a single resident, a couple, a family, or co-living residents.

Pros of Single-family rentals

A lower initial investment cost

Single-family assets have a smaller capital requirement. They incur a lesser down payment as well if you are taking out a mortgage loan. Single-family assets. Multiple single-family investments attract the highest tax advantages among all asset classes.

Higher chance of resale

Investors can gain a high resale value from single-family homes.

High demand

They attract a higher number of buyers, such as first-time homeowners, retail buyers, fellow property flippers, cash buyers, etc. The American dream prompts as many as five million SFR sales on a yearly average. This also means better single-family investment opportunities.

Low tenant turnover rate

Are multi family homes a good investment if you want a low turnover? Not when compared to single-family homes. The average single-family resident has personal attachments that give them lesser incentives to change the address.


Cons of Single-family rentals

A lower cash flow

Single-family homes produce only one cash flow channel per unit. Even real-time eventualities like a late-paying or vacating tenant can strain your mortgage situation. Plus, routine maintenance costs more and yield lesser than multifamily homes.

Vacancies produce zero returns

The pressure is even higher when you do not have replacement tenants to immediately fill up vacancies.

Difficult portfolio scalability

Those looking to scale their portfolio fast may find it challenging to do so with single-family investments alone, without investing in multiple SFR units, and flipping the low performers.

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Multifamily rentals


What are Multifamily rentals?

Multi-family rentals have separate units to assign to multiple tenants. If the unit has more than four units, then it may attract a less favorable margin of loans, as it would qualify as a commercial rental unit.

Pros of Multifamily rentals

A higher portfolio scalability rate

Investing in multiple single-family units can effectively scale your portfolio. Resale value appreciation of the asset improves the value of all units, not just one.

Higher monthly returns

A multi-family asset offers investors multiple channels for a higher net income. They are easier to maintain and cause lesser challenges when a unit goes vacant.

Live-in ownership

Occupying one of the units allows direct management and no residential costs for the owner.

Cons of Multifamily rentals

Inefficient tenant screening

Difficult to screen for reasonable tenants with an inevitable large-scale tenant pool.

Difficult financing

Financing MFR’s can be difficult for first-timers. Banks relent only for good portfolios or ambitious business plans.

Harder management

Are multi family homes a good investment? Not if you cannot juggle multiple tenants, their respective qualms. But, the higher returns per door can offset the difficult management and maintenance costs.

Harder resale eventuality

Depending on the location, low-maintenance cost single-family homes may appreciate in value manifolds in comparison to a multi-family home in a less popular location.

The takeaway from this lesson is that either prospect can bear fruitful tidings given the right factor. It is not a question of ‘either/or’, but ‘which one and when’.

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