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Lowertown Lofts

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St Paul, MN

Property Highlights

Location Advantage
The location is a core downtown market, with a lot of local restaurants, proximity to athletic and concert venues, outdoor community event spaces, hospitals, and prime employment. The community can expect strong future growth, with a higher than national job and population growth percentage over the duration of the hold, along with strong education demographics.
Proximity to Core Attractions
Within a five minute walk of CHS Field, Mears Park, the St Paul Farmers Market, Union Depot, the Science Museum, and more.
Downtown F500 Employers
Over 100,000 corporate employees work in Downtown St Paul campuses, with Fortune 500 employers such as Ecolab, Wells Fargo, Travelers, Securian, and more having offices in the area.

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Location Advantage

  • The project enjoys excellent location with seamless connectivity and civic amenities have made it the highly sought after destination in the city. Located in close proximity to employer centers, the demand for apartments in this locality remain vibrant. The area offers easy access to public transport, schools, healthcare centers, shopping malls and other amenities making it an ideal place for home buyers. 

  • The well-developed infrastructure of the locality allows commuters to travel easily from one part of the city to another without any hassles. It also provides residents a wide range of leisure activities like parks, sports arenas and entertainment complexes making living comfortable and convenient.

Steady Passive Income

Very-Low/No Volatility

Long-Term Wealth Creation

Apartments - a basic human need

Tax Advantages

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Tax Benefits

Multifamily real estate investing come with their fair share of tax breaks and it can save thousands of dollars for you in taxes every year.

Here are some of the most common types of benefits:

  • Real Estate Depreciation Tax
  • Real Estate Investment Tax Deductions
  • Cost-Segregation
  • 1031 Exchange Tax Benefits
  • Passive Income Tax Benefits

Why Invest With FWCI?

We are a team of Naval Officers who have over 38 years of real estate investing experience and 64 years of leadership experience.
Our goal is to empower our investors to enjoy the freedom of passive income through socially responsible apartment investing.
Our credentials:
  • 768 units under management
  • $100 mn valuation
  • 125 units full cycle
  • 9 active syndication sponsorships
  • 55% historic full cycle AAR
We have a proven track record of creating value at our properties through Rebranding, Renovating and Repositioning. Our disciplined and collaborative approach to our investments focuses on exceeding each investment’s NOI objectives to maximize our investor’s return.

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