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Las Palmas II - Houston, TX

You are invited to join Fair Winds Capital Investments in purchasing this 128-unit, garden-style apartment community in Houston, TX.

A 506(c) offering only for Accredited Investors.

Las Palmas Apartments is conveniently located at 5601 Hamill Rd. in Houston, TX. Residents enjoy immediate access Hwy 59 and convenient access Beltway 8, facilitating an easy commute to the major employment, education, and entertainment centers throughout Greater Houston. A public bus stop is a 1/2 mile from the property, and numerous conveniences are within a 1/2 mile radius including Northwood Plaza Shopping Mall, restaurants, retail shopping and parks.

Many of downtown Houston’s premier amenities are within a 15-minute commute including The University of Houston. In addition, other major employments centers that are within a short commute are Intercontinental Airport, Humble, Aldine, Greenspoint, Heights, Spring and the Woodlands. Entertainment venues include parks, restaurants, the Houston Grand Prix and the Trinity Nueces park are north of the property


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Location Advantage

  • Las Palmas has ingress and egress on Hamill Rd just east of Hwy 59. The property sits just south of Beltway 8 and is within walking distance of the Hwy 59 feeder. Its location near hwy 59 and Beltway 8 allows for good access to most of the city and other major transportation arteries of Houston.

  • A public bus stop is 1/2 mile from the property putting numerous conveniences within a short commute including HCC, shopping malls, restaurants, parks and many of downtown Houston’s premier Employment centers including the Central Business District (CBD), Texas Medical Center, University of Houston’s main campus, and the many small industrial facilities spotted throughout

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Why Multifamily Investing

"90% of all millionaires become so through owning real-estate" - Andrew Carnegie

Multifamily proved to be the most resilient real estate asset class over prior economic downturns, recording the lowest overall drop-in rental rates and the highest rental rate growth past the prior peak in the cycle. The affordability gap between renting and owning remains substantial and is only exacerbated by higher interest rates, supply chain and labor shortages.

Steady Passive Income

Very-Low/No Volatility

Long-Term Wealth Creation

Apartments - a basic human need

Tax Advantages

Tax Benefits

Multifamily real estate investing come with their fair share of tax breaks and it can save thousands of dollars for you in taxes every year.

Here are some of the most common types of benefits:

  • Real Estate Depreciation Tax
  • Real Estate Investment Tax Deductions
  • Cost-Segregation
  • 1031 Exchange Tax Benefits
  • Passive Income Tax Benefits

Why Houston

Why Invest With FWCI?

We are a team of Naval Officers who have over 38 years of real estate investing experience and 64 years of leadership experience.
Our goal is to empower our investors to enjoy the freedom of passive income through socially responsible apartment investing.
Our credentials:
  • 768 units under management
  • $100 mn valuation
  • 125 units full cycle
  • 9 active syndication sponsorships
  • 55% historic full cycle AAR
We have a proven track record of creating value at our properties through Rebranding, Renovating and Repositioning. Our disciplined and collaborative approach to our investments focuses on exceeding each investment’s NOI objectives to maximize our investor’s return.

Make A Well-Informed Decision:
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In the live Investor Webinar conducted on Jan 11, 2023, FWCI’s leadership team explained the deal and addressed queries from investors. 

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