About Us

Fair Winds Capital Investments is a veteran owned and operated firm dedicated to providing safe and exceptional quality housing to our tenants.  We aim to provide our partners with a shared ownership platform of low-medium risk alternative investments throughout the Southeast, with a partnership preference given to our fellow Servicemen seeking to add a diverse and bolstered income stream.

We are a Team of Naval Officers with Over 34 Years of Real Estate Experience

We partnered in 2020 to leverage our experiences and efforts to take down bigger deals and bigger returns.

We invest in our deals for the long haul and intend to return most of the investor capital in the first five years. Success takes hard work, dedication, and diligence while we put your money to work for you. Let’s sail into our lives with fair winds and following seas!

What is FWCI all about?

Family | Wealth | Community | Investing


We are a family-oriented company where family always comes first. Our experiences in the Navy took us away from family more times than we'd like to count. Now, family is at the forefront of everything we do.


Creating and building wealth through multifamily investing ensures that all of our partners have more time, health, and money to live lives of purpose.


We build and improve communities through physical and experiential revitalization. Our communities are for more than living; they are for thriving.


Investing in our ever-expanding family of relatives, partners, clients, investors, and residents allows us to make this world better every day.

Meet The Directors


Fair Winds Capital Investments is guided by a team with a proven track record of success. Individually, they’ve risen to elite levels of their respective professions and collectively they have infused the ingredients of their past success – teamwork, precision, attention to detail, and relentless work ethic – into the heart of everything the company does.

Jonathan New

Director of Acquisitions

Vadim Rey

Director of Investor Relations

Corey Chonsky

Director of Asset Management

Jaspreet Baveja

Director of Fund Strategies

Our Team

Brianna Boyce

Associate Director of Investor Outreach

Evangeline Pallasigue

Associate Director of Investor Outreach

Adam Siddiqui

Associate Director of Deal Sourcing

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