About Us

Our goal at Fair Winds Capital Investments is to empower our investors to enjoy the freedom of passive income through socially responsible apartment investing.

We are a Team of Naval Officers with Over 25 Years of Real Estate Experience

We partnered in 2020 to leverage our experiences and efforts to take down bigger deals and bigger returns.

We invest in our deals for the long haul and intend to return most of the investor capital in the first five years. Success takes hard work, dedication, and diligence while we put your money to work for you. Let’s sail into our lives with fair winds and following seas!

Meet The Directors


Fair Winds Capital Investments is guided by a team with a proven track record of success. Individually, they’ve risen to elite levels of their respective professions and collectively they have infused the ingredients of their past success – teamwork, precision, attention to detail, and relentless work ethic – into the heart of everything the company does.

Jonathan New


Vadim Rey

Deputy Director

Corey Chonsky

Director of Commercial Real Estate

Discover the Sea of Opportunity in Multifamily Invesments

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